At what point in a relationship do you just let it die? With friends, family, and significant others. Is it the point where you start to feel used, ashamed, or maybe when you just feel flat out disrespected. Where does unconditional love draw the line? Shit gets blurry sometimes.

Self aware me, wants to ask all these questions like, “Is it me? Am I actually the problem? What if I tried harder? What if I cared more?” Then boss bitch me starts getting in the mirror about, “Know your worth? Stop trying for people who don’t deserve you. You owe them nothing!” I tell you, it’s a constant battle. The truth is, I don’t even know where the disrespect starts because years of dishing out what I get has also painted me as a villain. Where does one draw the line and give up?

Toxic is toxic, and nobody can survive in a toxic environment. Get out or sacrifice yourself. Isn’t that the rule of life? Lesson may just sink in this time. At least I hope so…

Here’s a song I wrote about it.