Every second in this life is another second closer to the end of it. Life is fluid, and even memories fade. There is no time for wasted time, so why is there so much of it? It’s very easy to get sucked into a loop of mindless feeds, programs, and fads. Give into the exhaustion and anxiety that hinders us all from making something of ourselves. Imagine the things we’d do if we only put our minds to it. Imagine all the things we’d say. What don’t you say?

I don’t say a lot of things in life and I should know better by now. There’s a pain that comes when the door closes on an opportunity to speak your truth. “They’ll never know” is just such a sad thing to have to say. I know, I’ve said it. The only thing worse is missed potential, and I see a lot of that too.

Anything “worth it” in life takes determination, dedication, and intention…

Trust that there will be tests. The universe will make sure of it. You have to wake up everyday with plans and intentions. You have to actively work at something day in and day out if you want it. Mastery takes a lifetime. So what if you are a Jack of all trades? How much can you actually achieve if you put in the work to master even a fraction of them. What if you don’t? Missed potential.

With every test comes a distraction, and sometimes those two things are hard to distinguish from one another. What is your intention? What should you focus on? Who are you? What will make you happy? The world is full of illusion mixed in with liars, cheats, and thieves. Trust is hard to come by.

This fundamental uncertainty has me filtering my truth

Just like missing the chance to speak your truth, you have the risk of never being able to take it back. Sometimes it needs to be processed a bit before it can make its way out. Sometimes spoken to the wrong people or in the wrong context it can be used against you. How do you proceed…