Being new to the concept of crystals, I decided to pick up two different stones for a trial run. I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things does it? I am actually surprised how quickly these stones helped change my vibe. Over the past month, I have started to rely on them a bit too. So, I wanted to share my story in the hopes that someone else can benefit from them in a similar fashion.

So, what was I looking to do?

I needed help in maintaining a sense of peace, staying confident, aiding intuition, promoting spirituality, and helping to fight anxiety.

Truth be told, I was in a messy situation at work and in the process of changing jobs. There was also turmoil in my home life. Symptomatically speaking, I felt it in my heart and root chakras. I had lower back pain, chest pain, and recurring episodes of waking anxiety. Additionally, I needed a sense of clarity and intuition as I approached big “tower moment” style shifts in life.

The first stone I settled on was amethyst as it is well known for the crown chakra. It helps clear the mind, get rid of negative thoughts, fight stress, and prevent anxiety. The second stone I settled on, was really to help me with my confidence and root chakra. I felt like my world was on shaky ground, so I needed something to help me feel grounded, confident, and secure. That stone turned out to be red agate.

What is amethyst really doing for me?

Well, I can tell you this: I am a person who has insomnia, restless dreams, and I overthink things to death. Amethyst has helped me stop a lot of that destructive behavior. Above and beyond, in a work setting, this stone has somehow increased my intuition and helps channel knowledge from source. If you don’t know what “from source” means, its just “knowing” a truth and being confident in the way you speak about it.

Another thing amethyst has done for me is awaken a deeper sense of spirituality. I find myself more in awe on the happenings of the world. I’m more optimistic, in love with nature, and I dream about possibilities. It really does help me maintain a sense of peacefulness that can only come from a connection to some form of spirituality.

What is red agate really doing for me?

First and foremost, it is actually helping to alleviate some of my back pain. I was mainly feeling a discomfort in my tailbone, and when I wear the agate, it pretty much goes away. It has also been helping with my anxiety and confidence. The tone of my self thoughts have been positive, self assured, and somewhat bad ass since I started using agate. It reminds me I am a force to be reckoned with!

As far as my social dynamics, I’m pretty sure the agate has made me a more caring and passionate person. I have a lot of goals for myself personally about “lifting others” instead of being negative and “tearing them down.” Agate puts myself and other’s energy into perspective. I will admit, it has also made being around negative or vindictive people painful. Which can be challenging, but either they will change or exit my energy when its all said and done. With agate by my side, nobody is killing my vibe!

Final thoughts?

Crystals help your energy. Its a thing! You should buy some…