2022 agenda loud and clear! Shifting is my middle name, agility is burnt out on purpose actively looking for inspiration, and comfort is lost in a sea of imposter syndrome. How can anything be perfect?

Saying and doing are 2 separate things and when you test the universe it pushes back. Loud and proud my goal for 2022, “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.” Simply stated, “Put shit out there.” Time to make some moves.

You can’t let thoughts dominate your being. You must shift with the ebbs and flows of life. All your time, energy, and intention need to be placed on steps… actions… that move you in the right direction. The beauty in this goal of good is that it forces you into action. Small steps, shorter targets.

If life has taught me anything in the past year, it’s that you are more likely to start something if the goal is smaller. So stop fooling yourself and look at the step ahead. Occasionally you can look at the map but don’t let it distract you from the road ahead.

If you’re distracted you will surely crash, so let that shit go and be present.