Sex is overrated, especially if it lacks intimacy. You can have boring, uninspired sex if you aren’t really connecting to the person you’re having it with. I’d rather have intimacy without sex that leaves you wanting more than boring methodical screwing that leaves you feeling like something that’s been used and thrown to the side.

Maybe guys are different, but nothing is better then locking eyes with a person that clearly wants you as much as you want them. Well, maybe add to that a well timed, “I want you.” Those always make me feel some type of way! At some point, it’s less about the activity itself and more about connection. Actual human connection! The kind that sets your soul on fire.

Passion is good too, but passion and intimacy are not the same thing. You can have really passionate sex, and still not connect on a real level with someone. You ever been there? Super into it, really into it, but only out for their own benefit or purely into you for your looks? At that point, I’d rather throw a video clip at them to finish and tell them “great effort, but I’m good.”

My soul craves more these days! It’s a vibe, an energy, and a truth that lets you know someone wants to know you. Naked, vulnerable, and completely. Connection on a mental, physical, and spiritual level is the best! It could be with a perfect stranger, and it may only last for a brief moment in time. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s real. Otherwise, it’s not worth it!