Dear Soul Crushed,

Trust me, you are not alone! Society has forced us all in this box of needing to conform to the standard employee-employer relationship. If you are lucky, you’ll find a job that you are passionate about. If you are fortunate, you’ll find one that makes non-work life enjoyable and happy. At minimum, you’ll need to find one to provide a salary that takes care of your basic needs like food and shelter.

It’s a very good question, “How do I appreciate what I have?” It’s a concept that can certainly cross over to multiple aspects of your life. The first piece to that really involves throwing expectations out of the window. Stop being so hard on yourself and expecting perfection. Are all your colleagues meeting these unrealistic expectations? Are you alone? Chances are you are not, so start there.

Transparency is another route you need to take. Make sure that you are open and honest with your boss. Share your perspective on challenges and ask for the things you need to help you be successful. Very rarely, will you find yourself in a position where you are fired for performance related issues when you are open and honest about the need for assistance from leadership. If something like that happens, you will certainly win an unemployment claim while you figure out your next move.

Think about the worst case scenario. What if you lost this job? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it’s definitely a scary thing, but it can be a good kind of scary. At the end of the day you are replaceable to any employer, so you need to look out for your own personal self first and foremost. If this job is not the right fit, start looking! If you happen to lose it before you are ready to, then rely on assistance like family and government aid to help you until you make your next move.

Trust, the universe has a plan for you and appreciate all the things that are going well. Many times you feel anxiety and discomfort before change in life. You need to move! If that is to open lines of communication to impact change, or if it’s to find a job that is more aligned with your purpose in life… only time will tell. Start with being honest. What’s the worst that can happen? Losing a job isn’t the worst thing in life. Breathe!

Appreciation starts with a change in mindset. Choose to be happy!