Don’t doubt yourself this month Gemini! The more you hold back on your intuition, the more you are going to feel stuck. If you have new ideas, projects, or inspirations that are in the infancy stage you might keep things quiet until you feel confident in how you can best develop them. Don’t be too self critical and sabotage what you are trying to make work. It’s okay to refine things a bit before you share it with the world, but ask yourself what you really have to lose. Failure is just a lesson on the road to success. (Page of Cups -reversed)

You have a natural gift of intellect, so use it to make some unbiased decisions. This month will try and lead you with your head not your heart. You feel as if empathy and compassion are obstacles in accomplishing your goals, and are actively avoiding all the “fluff.” Others might find your “tell it like it is” demeanor intimidating, but it also tells them not to mess with you. Independent, resilient, and quick to call out those who seek to double cross. The right folks know under that hard exterior you have a softer side, you’re just upfront on how you want to be treated. (Queen of Swords)

Your higher self is calling for you to be open to that softer side with the right people. It might just be the key to feeling unstuck. Don’t get so wrapped up in intellect that you neglect those around you. Again, trust and follow your intuition if you want to be successful. It might feel a bit conflicting as you are very much caught up in your own head, but “feeling” your way through things has it’s own rewards. Equal parts heart and head this month! (Queen of Cups)