Don’t let the world get you down this month Scorpio! You might be battling inner conflict on socialized topics or politics. Others around you might have strong ideals, and challenge how you see the world. It’s okay to refine your point of view through research to find what’s in your heart on the truth of matters granting you a sense of inner peace. You do not have to conform to those around you, and should not do this to avoid conflict. Don’t compromise what’s important, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. (5 of Wands)

Balance might be something you are looking for, as you have a tendency to be caring to those around you. A stable home is important, to feel secure and freely supported by family. While your supportive and caring nature is a gift to those around you, make sure you also nurture that reflection in the mirror. Prioritize time for yourself to build stability and comfort from within. Lean on those nurturing relationships from others, and channel energy inward to recycle it for yourself. (Queen of Pentacles)

Treat thy self! You deserve it. Self care and creativity take center stage this month. Connect with that inner feminine energy to expand on abundance in life. Surround yourself in nature and beautiful scenery. Take a walk in the park, refresh at the beach, and get grounded in the world around you. This will bring inspiration for creative activities like painting, music, or other hobbies. You might just find in nurturing those activities through inspiration you are nurturing yourself in the process. (Empress)