Leo, where did that admiration and praise from those around you go? You are a natural leader, so where are those followers? You could feel a bit lost, and when it comes to matters of the heart, you might be hurt or disappointed. If you encounter sadness or heartbreak, it doesn’t mean you should dwell in misery. It’s time for emotional release. Don’t be distracted from the path in front of you. Accept what is, move on, and don’t take negativity to heart. You have a lot to be grateful for, so focus on more positive things at this time. (3 of Swords)

Avoid winning for the sake of winning in arguments, because that is a battle everyone loses. Be more constructive in personal relationships, be open to forgiveness, and try to move past conflict as much as possible. If you keep opening old wounds, they will never heal. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If old relationships are beyond repair, with more resentment than fulfilment, avoid them at all costs. If you are the one hung up in your ego, it might actually be time for that apology. Find compromise, or find more harmonious relationships this month. (5 of Swords -reversed)

When you find bliss and happiness by appreciating what you have in life, you are going to manifest more bliss and happiness. It’s the rule of attraction! Celebrate any significant milestones, find stability in home life, and relax with friends. You might find purpose in home projects or be on the search for a new home. Take time to pause and reflect on achievements, and you will be ready for the next phase in your journey. Tie up loose ends, and be proud of yourself, that way you can find a sense of peace before the end of the month. (4 of Wands)