Lead with your heart, not with your head this month Aries. Your intuition is dialed in, and you are able to “feel” your way through projects and activities this month. Sharing compassionate energy and being supportive of those around you will be fulfilling and won’t drain you as long as you stay grounded and maintain healthy boundaries. Pay attention to your emotions and messages in dreams. You are stronger than you know and more than capable of navigating any tricky ones that might pop up. Trust that intuition! (Queen of Cups)

You are on the verge of something, so confront any anxiety or fears and leave them behind. Eliminate anything harmful to your well being. Bring about positive change by eating healthy, quitting bad habits, and focus on spending time with loved ones. If you truly want to level up, you need to deal with limiting beliefs and conquer those shadows. If you stay focused on personal goals, you will be successful and have a new empowering sense of freedom. (Devil -reversed)

Step outside of your comfort zone, because that is not where the magic happens. Explore options and plan out the road ahead. You may be presented with a choice that requires you to take calculated risks. Trust your intuition and go with your gut, but also be prepared to take risks when the right rewards are present. Don’t limit yourself, because you might want to capitalize on this opportunity. Maintain self awareness. With careful planning, you might just be ready to move forward on to brighter horizons in upcoming months. (2 of Wands)