Oh Capricorn, team work makes the dream work! You might find yourself feeling like you are fighting at it alone, but you need to switch gears this month. Recognize what others can bring to the table when collaboration is needed, and allow others to do their part. You might find value in different ideas and shared experiences. Recently, you’ve started a new chapter in life, and this month is asking you to build on that with a plan. You may already know what you want, and have a good idea on resources needed to get there, but now is the time to start putting those plans into action. Get that ball rolling, you are on the right track. Stay organized. (3 of Pentacles)

When it comes to matters of the heart, you might be feeling hurt and disappointed. Actions of others in the recent past have led to sadness and heartbreak, but it doesn’t mean you should shut everyone out. It’s a time for emotional release. Have a good cry, shout or scream out in anger, and let emotions flow through you if needed. Just don’t dwell on those emotions or let them distract you from the path ahead. Accept what happened, move on, and don’t take too much negativity to heart. You know your truth, so focus on the bigger picture! (3 of Swords)

Closure is the name of the game, and at the end of that game comes infinite possibilities. Achievement and success in your life’s journey is all of your own making. Give yourself a pat on the back on how far you’ve come and gear up for the next challenge, because it’s huge! Tie up those loose ends, because you are about to embark on a journey. Could be travel, could be a move, or it could be that plan you are putting into action. Express gratitude for what you have, and excitement for what’s to come. The world is your oyster. (World)