This month, success and abundance are easy to come by for you dear Aquarius. You work hard, and the rewards of those efforts are certainly paying off. It might be a new business venture, project, or recent career move. This new avenue you are exploring is bringing prosperity to your door. Not only is the opportunity for growth and success present right now, but also the self-discipline and control to manage investments wisely longer term. Continue on this path, work towards your goals, and avoid unnecessary risks. (King of Pentacles)

If you haven’t already made the jump to embrace new ideas flowing freely through you, now is the time! Its a great time to build intellect and harness your mental power. Maybe take a new class, research and build on a new skill, or get involved in actives that rely on your brainpower. Your mind is in expansion mode, but make sure you use your newfound brainpower for the greater good. If you become too selfish with your endeavors, the tides will certainly shift away from your favor. Value truth, and stand up for others when given the chance. (Ace of Swords)

Your higher self is asking more of you at this time. Take inventory of recent actions and focus on gaining alignment with a greater good. The outcome of this month depends on consequences for the actions you take, so navigate accordingly. If you are faced with a choice or moral dilemma make sure you take the high road or there will be longer term repercussions. The impact of your decisions can take a toll on your well being and the well being of those around you. Your belief systems might be unclear or challenged this month. Stick to what you believe to be true and remain ethical. (Justice)