If you put it out there in the universe, it’s out there. The beginning of anything starts with the fool. Consciousness is a thing that science struggles to explain. How does our brain connect information that allows us to know that its there and access it on demand? We know what we can see, taste, touch, feel… sense. But we also understand this concept of space, time, and reality. How do you think that is?

I have to admit, I’ve been a skeptic on organized religion most of my life, but I definitely believe in something. Much of that is prompted by an out of body experience I had when I was a teenager. “Looking” at my body from above was certainly something that led me to whole heartedly believe in the concept of a separate consciousness. We do go on after death, but what that looks like is debatable.

Theories on the topic of consciousness and quantum physics lead me to believe that there are many dimensions out there. Many we cannot see or understand in our physical bodies.

What does that mean? Do we live multiple lives? Do ghosts exist? Do we ascend into higher forms of being through enlightenment? I’m starting to think yes to all of it! Call me crazy, call me a hippie, call me what you will. I’m going to call myself open to the possibilities of existence. Who are you to tell me I am wrong? Certainly not someone who has all the answers.

The men who stare at goats was based on a real government project, which means the US thought enough of the evidence to dedicate research to it. Better yet, have it classified for some time as well.

In the released report that has since been declassified, there are some startling theories and concepts drawn out. Most of which talk through the ability to astral project out of the body and on the way the mind is constructed to receive and process information from the environment and consciousness. -Read Here-

Following that logic, following the rule of attraction, following spirituality, and even many quantum theories… manifestation and intuition are 100% real. You are what you say and will become your internal dialogue. At the same time, there are many things you sense that you cannot explain, which is why following your gut is so important. Fine tune it to process energy and non obvious queues.

The energy, conversation, music, food, art, and people you allow into your life have a profound affect on your reality and potential. Choose wisely and be enlightened, or keep reliving life lessons until you become a ghost to the world around you.