I’m a firm believer that everyone lives in a world mostly built up in their head. The assumption that your truth is someone else’s truth is fundamentally flawed, and the concept of shared reality falls on perception and persuasion. Why else would it be so easy to fool the masses using the media?

The first thing you need to do is recognize all the stuff you’ve been sold over the years was simply the truth that someone else wanted you to believe, and start over. Today you need to wake up and start actually living life.

Two people can witness the same event and have polar opposite perspectives.

Why do you think this is? Could someone be lying to persuade others? Of course! Could they just have different perspectives on the truth? Yes, that happens more than you think. We all have our own eyes, ears, and belief systems.

Once you accept that when you feel right you are not always right, you can understand the word humble. On the flip side, you start to recognize negativity and toxic mindsets that look to force their agenda. Their truth is to make you believe it, and you should question everything by nature. Unfortunately, liars believe their own truth including you.

I’m convinced that everything we are boils down to our purpose, and unfortunately not everyone knows what that is.

People will absolutely judge you by your usefulness, it’s not even a question. How useful are you to others, and more importantly how useful are you to yourself? What’s the end goal? What’s your purpose? That burning question that defines your reality, because we all die.

That’s the only real truth…

What you do in between and how you treat yourself and others is all built up in your head. Make sure you train it right and figure out your purpose, or be forever lost in your own reality.