It’s August! A month to celebrate many things, like me! I almost let this whole month go by without adding a post, but after the one I had, some thoughts on making the best of getting older came to mind. So, why break the streak?

Leave no room for expectations! Go ahead and throw them out the door for pretty much everything in life…

Seriously, how much do you go out of your way to honor everyone else’s birthday? You can probably anticipate the same amount of birthday love in return. Anything extra is a surprise. Keep it at that and you’ll have a great time. Expecting people who are by nature self centered (and that’s okay) to put you on a pedestal is not okay.

I had zero expectations for my celebrations this year. I did decide to host a party, outdoors in this time of social distancing, and kept it simple. I invited a decent list, assuming a fraction would actually show, and there was a big turnout to my surprise. I said no gifts, but to my surprise people showed up with cards and gifts anyways.

I think everyone (or maybe it’s just me) has this whole idea on how people see them in their heads. They feel alone, think people don’t really like them, or that they aren’t heard or understood. I am finally starting to see in my old age that people do see me, so I need to see them just as much.

This past year I’ve been focusing a lot on lighting up other people and celebrating them. In turn, I felt it back.

Look at me, surviving a pandemic and leveling the fuck up! September I’m ready for you, older and wiser!