Water is such a powerful thing sometimes! It helps to recharge energy and adjust the mind. Something very calming and empowering can be found in water therapy. It cleans us, detoxes us, and can inspire us if we embrace it.

How many times have you took a hot shower or bath after a hard day and felt better?

Showers are great, and I’ve been known to take extensively hot and long showers. Baths can be calming and empowering, especially if you have the right aromas in your tub. You know what’s even better though? Floating! Something about floating almost weightless in a pool of water makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

I haven’t embraced traditional meditation because something about siting and waiting to clear your mind doesn’t come natural to me. My thoughts won’t shut off, I become self aware of the things around me, on how my body feels, and so it never results how I’d hope. However, I recently purchased a hot tub and a water hammock to pair (I know it’s not really what it’s for) and it’s been a meditation game changer!

Floating in my tub looking up at the sky quiets my mind and allows me to connect with the universe.

I don’t care if I look extra as fuck floating around in a hot tub with my favorite crystal around my neck listening to Stevie Nicks. All I know is I leave that tub recharged, inspired, and hopeful that my manifestations will come to life. The universe has delivered some powerful messages in that tub.

Tubing on a lazy river has also been a fun past time for me. I’ve gone with friends and made it an adventure with day drinking. We always have a blast! On a recent trip, it was more about taking in the peaceful surroundings of nature and most of us had little to say. It was wonderful! I decided not to drink and just float down the river. That trip had a very similar meditation impact. My mind was clear!

So, my point is… float! It can give you hope, recharge your energy, help you meditate, and cleanse your soul. Manifest destiny, fight gravity, and become one with the universe.