I don’t know what’s going on this month! Maybe an eclipse or mercury retrograde because the universe was feeling cute and wanted me to revisit “the shit.” What is “the shit” you ask? Good question! It can be summarized by all the past trauma or insecurities one has in life.

Life comes in waves, pulling things out and bringing it in…

Good things, bad things, stressful things, exciting things. It all depends on your karmic cycle and stage of personal growth. My stage, that is starting to subside, can only be classified as train wreck. I think June gave me a full on mental breakdown and it’s only mid-month. Hopefully I’ll be free of it by Independence Day.

Now, the details of my own shit are a little dark and twisty, so I’ll spare anyone who actually follows me. What I can say, is that people live in a world and fight battles in their own minds that other people can’t see or understand. Who’s to say what’s real anyway? Just take a look at 2020, the year of a “woke” revolution if you will. If you are still blind to it, maybe the year of the mainstream media circus. You’ll catch up!

The only way to get past “the shit” is to be in it…

All up in it! Face it, head on along with all the conflict it brings. It’s there to teach you who you are, who you want to be, and maybe even show you how to get there if you are lucky enough. I don’t know where this misconception on mental health and the social stigmas we all place on each other come from, but it’s okay to lose your shit sometimes. It makes you human, and being vulnerable makes you real. It lets us know we are alive.

So feel the shit, face your demons, live your karma… Just know, when it’s over you need to learn from it. Deliver that pep talk to yourself (here goes mine):

  • Who are you? A bad ass bitch!
  • What do you want in life? To leave my mark and change the way people feel and see things.
  • When are you going to boss up? Right the fuck now!
  • Where do you start? By getting out of the shit and learning from it.
  • Why is that important? Because where I came from or how someone sees me does not define who I am or who I will become.
  • How are you going to get past the shit? One step at a time and by not feeding into bullshit, like self-doubt, or superficial narcissistic energy.

Bring on July! Level 6 of Jumangi is complete.

Also, here’s a playlist to help get you out of the shit: