Hello world, it’s me, trying to keep my energy in check here. I’ve been in lock down scared to leave my house and interact socially for 35 days now. I’ve only grocery shopped and each time I was worried I might get sick with some mysterious plague killing people all over the world. Welcome to 2020!

In all this time spent on forced self discovery I’ve learned some things about myself and about life. I accomplished some creative things, sunk to new lows, felt some highs, felt neglected, and did some things I probably shouldn’t. I have “quarantine confessions” to spill.

1. I’m addicted to everything but the bagel plus cream cheese and avocado now.

It started out with an attempt at avocado toast and transformed into a movement! I even bought everything bagels too and decided it needed more everything so added some seasoning on top.

2. I eat way too many cookies, and I rely on them for happiness. If I don’t have them I am a monster!

The quarantine 15 is definitely a thing, so I’ve been balancing indulgence with reminders that squats and crunches are good for the soul. However, I don’t remember what day it is, let alone if I remembered to exercise.

3. Chocolate treats also include the THC variety. There’s a lot of time to kill with those brains cells!

I’m taking this month of 4/20 thing a bit too serious. It probably shouldn’t be such a crutch for my GAD, but have you watched the news? No seriously, I’m asking because I’m sick of it and don’t know what’s real anymore.

4. Beer:30 is acceptable as early as 12:30pm. Earlier if you’re going for a mimosa or Bloody Mary!

As long as I’m not virtually working and it’s “me” time I see no harm in trying to cheer myself up by knocking back a cold one. People are strangely becoming less judgmental about it too.

5. I may be turning into a crazy sun bathing outdoor cat lady, because I found my happy place!

Crazy cat lady, because they feel like the only friends I can talk to these days (yes I have 2). Face time is too much, who’s getting ready for that? Texts and social media are losing their charm.

So, what are your top 5 quarantine confessions? Because I know I have a lot more!