Are you like me and going completely fucking insane yet? I never wanted to leave the house so much as when the government literally told me to stay home. I’m an extrovert, I need people, I need connection, and I need electric fucking vibes! So trying to take some of my own advice, I’m going to give myself a good old fashion dose of music therapy. (Next stage, maybe I’ll finally finish my mixed tape, but that’s a story for another post…)

So, what kind of playlist do I need to change my life right now? I’m going with songs that make me want to 1. Shake my ass and 2. Inspire me to live my “best life” after quarantine. Oh yea, rule 3. They need to be from the last year or two. Got to keep it current!

Here it is if you’re on Spotify… You’re welcome! -XoXo