Now is the time to shift from this crazy focus on success and materialism to move towards a stage of personal growth. This is about simplicity and staying true to who you really are. Be enough for yourself! My lesson on this front started a few months back, but with social distancing being forced upon many groups across the world, welcome to the party!

Let’s say this loud enough for the people in the back, “You are completely replaceable at work!”

I don’t care who you are or what you do. There are so many people in this world. To say that you are irreplaceable in a professional sense is completely false. Stop fooling yourself! Let me tell you, your job doesn’t think so either. Establishing your brand and employ-ability is important, you want to make sure the skills you have are marketable, but don’t let it get to your head. An organization will let you go in a heartbeat to protect the establishment.

If recent virtual work shifting has taught us anything, jobs are now moving into a place where there will be a global fight for talent. Careers that are not virtual in nature, and are more “essential,” come with their own set of hardships and hazards. We are seeing this now with the idea of COVID19 exposure. I personally find it really interesting to see the types of business that are more susceptible in this state of emergency. Trust me, I am taking note and you should too.

What can we learn in this time of social distancing?

Well, only because I started my isolated journey a bit earlier then the rest, I feel like I can share some insight. In December, I changed careers and started working remotely. Additionally, I live in a very remote area so human interaction has been limited quite a bit. I am an extrovert, so why did I do this to myself? Well, because I am replaceable and I needed to shift for my own personal growth. So what have I learned so far?

  1. Make sure you focus on keeping yourself healthy. Emotionally, physically, and mentally! Feeling isolated can make you feel depressed, alone, and misunderstood. You have to stay active, plan out activities, and get into a routine. It’s simple, take care of yourself, and do it for you not anyone else.
  2. Don’t wait for others to reach out, do it yourself. This weird generational sense of pride and social awkwardness needs to come to an end already. In what world do we look at people who invite us, include us, or share things with us as bad? Get over yourself, and actively work on your relationships, or get used to being alone.
  3. Find peace in solitude. You have to understand that not everyone is going to be your best friend, so be your own! Find joy in the small things and figure out how to make yourself happy. Nobody will do that for you.
  4. Don’t let your family burn you out. It’s easy when you are around the same people everyday to get used to taking care of everyone without getting a break. Find time to get away and do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Additionally, you have to set boundaries and let others take care of themselves if they demand too much from you. It’s only fair.

This too shall pass, but don’t let this lesson pass you by!

Maybe the world is teaching us all a lesson on materialism, social dynamics, and well being. We should pay attention and go back to the things that matter most in this world. Trust me, it isn’t how many followers you have or new things that you buy. When all the food is off the shelves, you can’t find any to buy, and you’re on your own it comes down to two things. Those real relationships and how you take care of yourself.

Can we stop being assholes already? I’m over it!