Are we in retrograde? We talking Mercury or Saturn here and what does that even mean? Maybe we are just a bunch of pagans that don’t actually know what we are talking about. Let’s address some questions on this topic to try and wrap our heads around it all.

What planets should we pay attention to and why?

  1. Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, and opinions
  2. Venus is the planet of love, money, and partnerships
  3. Mars is the planet of passion, drive, and confidence
  4. Jupiter is the planet of luck, philosophy, and spirituality
  5. Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline, and responsibility
  6. Uranus is the planet of originality, innovation, and rebellion
  7. Neptune is the planet of illusions, hopes, and abstract thought
  8. Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and rebirth
  9. The Sun rules expression, energy, and personality
  10. The Moon rules emotion, reaction, and life patterns

What’s the difference between retrograde and direct?

Retrograde is a term that means to move backward in motion. In astrology, it’s more about the perceived motion of a planet in the Earth’s orbit. When a planet is in retrograde, the areas it influences can become challenging or weak. Retrogrades can influence reflection and repeated cycles that teach a lesson.

Direct means that a planet is going about in a normal course of motion through its orbit. In astrology, it speaks to the natural influence a planet in question represents with minimal disruption to it’s cosmic energy. When a planet is direct, things should flow smoothly in those areas.

How are the planets supposed to impact our zodiac signs?

All planets will impact each zodiac sign as they move through their orbit and our charts. However, there are “Ruling Planets” that have a much stronger influence on specific zodiac signs. These planets are said to rule those signs as they exhibit many inherent traits of that planet’s influence. Here is a quick glance below at those pairings:

Zodiac Sign:Planet(s):
ScorpioPluto and Mars
AquariusUranus and Saturn
PiscesNeptune and Jupiter

So, are you feeling that planetary energy yet? Want to know what’s in retrograde right now? Check it out at: