Cannabis is recreationally legal now in the state of Illinois. Have you gone to your state plug yet to check it out?

Can we talk about what it’s like?

The lines sucked, but the stories in line were quite amusing to help pass the time. Attitudes weren’t so bad for those that decided to go. Only a few dispensary line drop outs. They also purchased a food truck for first time customers. There were cheers as happy customers collected their tamales from the spaceship truck pot in hand. Line goers joked about tamales and the munchies in-between cheers when they weren’t pretending to be expert politicians, world travelers, or professional stoners.

The fan favorite cheers were those of the older customers that screamed in joy at the end of cannabis prohibition. One customer referenced Martin Luther King and happily screamed, “Martin Luther fought for my rights now I got this one back!” Another followed suit and said, “Yes! I’ve been waiting a long time for this!”

One police officer was friendly and played a prank on waiting customers. He came out of the building and yelled, “Fresh out! They sold out!” After a second he chuckled, “Just kidding they have plenty for everyone in line!”

You won’t know what you can purchase if you aren’t a medical patient until you get the menu inside.

Half the items online are for medical patients and inventories change a lot. Those medical patients are given preference and moved to the front of lines. Jokes were made comparing dispensary lines to Six Flags and the medical card acting as a “fast pass.”

Then you finally make it to the door!

You did it! You made it inside, what’s next? Your ID is scanned, and you wait in a room with an ATM (that’s right cash only folks). A controlled number of customers go into a purchase room and select items off the menu. You do not get to break any seals and inspect any product. You exchange cash and your ID (again), then they seal your bag and return any change and your ID back to you.

Tax is steep! It was about $50 in tax for a $150 bill making the total $200 (about 35%).

In the end it’s history, it was still cool, and I’m happy with my products. I like that you can see what things are for on the packages. Really sets the vibe!