One of my friends started getting into zodiac signs and tarot readings and I have to say, that shit is scary! There’s these tarot reading horoscopes that YouTubers do each month and they are puzzlingly accurate.

It’s like, they don’t exactly spell out your future or anything too specific but they do explain how you feel and it brings clarity to your soul somehow.

They provoke quite a bit of self realization. Like this fun fact: I need to stop fighting part of myself and embrace that crazy bitch! This upcoming month is supposed to be both exciting and life altering. Lets see if it comes to fruition. I don’t know exactly whats in store, but I’m learning to live in the moment and be true to myself so things will swing the way they are supposed to organically.

Here’s two recommendations as they typically feel authentic and meaningful:

Sara Vrba (Moon Magic) offers a YouTube channel and website. Even though she has a very light and airy approach to reading energy, she will still pull out powerful takeaways to focus on.

Nicholas Ashbaugh offers a YouTube channel and website. He has a very coachable approach to his readings. He makes sure all the messages he delivers to his followers promote an overall theme of personal growth.

I know you have to take these kinds of things with a grain of salt, but I’m convinced reading zodiac energy is a thing. There’s some kind of cosmic energy that pulls all of our lives in a big way.

I feel it everyday.