It feels really good to fill someone else’s cup sometimes. There’s people in life that just want to kill fun. You walk into a room, breathe in some positivity and the first thing they do is criticize something to kill that energy. It’s almost like they are incapable of being positive or happy.

In my life I’ve had to deal with the fun killers, the negative jerks, and the haters of life. They don’t know how to recognize and celebrate a person’s win. You can’t exactly get support and recognition yourself if you don’t lift up anyone around you. I mean, you can rise, but when you look around everyone is going to be gone. So, there’s that.

I feel like rising others up has been something I’ve done inconsistently, but I’m going to live by moving forward. Instead of comparing that victory to any of my own, I think I’ve finally learned to embrace it with a sense of admiration. True admiration! It may just be the key to happiness here folks.

There is a definite shift going on for me personally, and it’s really refreshing. I think I’ve spent most of my life thinking I had to be better than what I was. I needed a better job, I needed to be prettier, I needed to be loved, I needed to have X, Y, or Z. Today, I’ve accomplished almost everything I’ve always wanted, and you know what? It doesn’t matter! I just need new goals to slay now.

I’m a force to be reckoned with and others know it! I’m still not a magician, so can’t change the past, but in reality I’m only trying to change the present now and it feels great. In that, I’m learning to focus on embracing it to help lift others.

You should try it, it’s empowering.