Energy, vibes, emotions… call them what you will but there’s definitely an art to not letting negative ones take away your inner peace. Like all things, it takes work and there will be times where you need to take a step back and consciously make an effort to “not engage.” Some situations will force you to lose your cool, but the better you become at keeping calm, the faster you will bounce back when shake ups happen. Trust me, shake ups will definitely happen!

The first step to inner peace is self confidence…

Remember that time when everything was falling apart and you were sure life was over? How about that time when you accomplished that thing you didn’t even know you had in you? The point is, you got through it, you accomplished it! You know why? It’s because you are you, things work out they way they are supposed to, and life moves on. Even through times of adversity just remember, there is a lesson to be learned and a reason behind it all. Have faith in yourself and don’t focus too much on wins or losses.

Reflection is key!

Once you begin to trust yourself, you need to work on becoming self aware. Understanding your expectations, passions, and limits will allow you to set goals and boundaries in life. Both are very important! Align your expectations with reality and make sure you live up to your own. That way, you can be proud of your own actions. Goals give you a sense of purpose and prevent feelings of restlessness and boundaries ensure you only allow people to treat you in a manner that makes you comfortable. Feeling comfort and maintaining a sense of purpose will help keep you calm.

So be calm