Here at ViBE OwL we believe that toxic people don’t actually want to be toxic at their core, its just the only way they know how to be sometimes. The first mistake when dealing with toxic people is allowing their energy to affect you. Did someone just make you mad? Brush it off! The more time and energy you spend being mad, the more you are going to run the risk of turning toxic yourself.

Sometimes it starts with humility and understanding.

You have to be mature enough to know (for the most part) that you aren’t the reason someone is treating you poorly. Instead of taking it as a personal attack, you may want to think about what could cause the outburst or mistreatment in question.

  1. Did you actually do something that offended them or was interpreted as malice or toxic? If so, just apologize and be the bigger person. It’ll take less energy then being mad.
  2. Do they have a troublesome background? Perhaps you should show some kindness or extend an olive branch instead of reacting in a way conducive of their past. Now, I’m not saying to go out on a limb and trust this person, but sometimes a little kindness is all it takes to stop a pattern of behavior.
  3. Know that this person in question does not have the knowledge, emotional intelligence, or circumstance you have. This should make you feel good about yourself, and yes, feel a bit sorry for the toxic person in question.
  4. Be very strait forward with this person. Do not sink to their level, allow them to manipulate your reactions, or take on their anger. Sometimes it takes letting someone know calmly, “This is why I do not like to be around/work/associate with you” for them to understand they are the problem.
  5. Know that you will not be able to change them, and that is okay. The only person you have control over is yourself. So, make sure your energy and emotions stay positive and uplifting. You can remove toxic people from your space if you need to.

People will remember you for how you make them feel and how your actions define your character. So, let it go! -Namaste