Herbal teas are a fantastic way to keep your wellness in check, but what kind should you drink? Below is a list of a few types of herbal teas and the common uses for them.

Anise Tea – Is good for stomach issues, gas, nausea, congestion, coughs, colds, and painful menstrual cramps.

Cannabis Tea – Used for chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, indigestion, and cramping.

Echinacea Tea – Can boost the immune system, protects the skin from infections, and reduces body inflammation. 

Patchouli Tea – Stimulates sex drive, boosts the immune system, rejuvenates mood, detoxifies the body, and helps against sleep disorders.

Chamomile Tea – Helps with relaxation, soothes the stomach, and improves symptoms of back pain, inflammation, arthritis, skin irritation, and sunburn. 

Valerian Root Tea – Can be somewhat of a sedative, lowers stress levels and blood pressure, and has anti-spasmodic qualities.

Peppermint Tea – Good for easing cramps, stomach upset, indigestion, and excess gas, while also stimulating the immune system. 

Thyme Tea – Helps to break fevers, treats coughs and colds, boosts immune responses, sooths the stomach, and helps with headaches.

Dandelion Tea – Promotes urination and detoxifies the body, lowers blood pressure, and helps with vision issues and iron deficiency. 

Kava Root Tea – Helps with stress and anxiety, induces healthy sleep, calms the mind, and promotes detoxification in the body.

Rooibos Tea – Can help relieve headaches, prevents skin disorders, high blood pressure, premature aging, and overactive allergic response in the body. 

Ginger Root Tea – Soothes nausea, stimulates digestion, prevents chronic diseases, and increases the appetite.

Osmanthus Tea – Promotes the elimination of toxins, clears up congestion and coughs, and improves bad breath.

Rosehip Tea – Very good for the immune system, has lots of vitamin C, so it can also help detoxify the body. 

Turmeric Tea – Stimulates antioxidant activity in the body, has anti-cancer potential, soothes inflammation, and promotes good digestion.