For most people, “adulting” can drain your energy and kill your vibe. What is adulting? In reality, its just making sure you are taking care of your obligations and responsibilities. If you have kids, then they are generally happy and safe within your control. If you have a job, you are going to work and fulfilling the demands agreed upon by you and your employer. If you have bills, you are finding ways to pay them and are cutting back on excessive spending to make sure debts don’t become another’s burden.

Additionally, self care is critical. You absolutely need self care. If you fail to take care of yourself then you rely on others to do it for you, and that’s not adulting.

So, what can you do when life gets too serious and you need to lighten things up? Well, that certainly depends on your situation but 90% of the way you feel is completely within your control. Make sure you are taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Don’t let small stuff bring you down. Easier said then done.

Some people turn to substances to get a bit of help in this department. Whether that is a vice or not depends on how you look at the situation. If you are abusing drugs or alcohol to escape your reality, you probably want to find a healthier method. However, natural supplements like essential oils, herbal teas, cannabis infused products (of the CBD or THC variety), or even using elements to help meditate and channel energy for your chakras are all perfectly acceptable. If you use substances for inner reflection, to help expand your mind, find meaning in your life, or to gain a new perspective then you are still “adulting!” Don’t let anyone make you feel any different.

Here’s 5 tips to prevent “adulting” from killing your ViBE:

  1. Clearly define your responsibilities as an adult. What are must do’s, should do’s, and nice to do’s for each core responsibility?
  2. Identify how you want to be perceived in your outer world. Do you want to be known as a nice or helpful person? Well, maybe nice to do’s should be a focus. If you want to be a well rounded person with boundaries, then prioritize those nice to do’s against your own bucket list instead.
  3. Understand who you are and what you want. So many people have no idea on what actually makes them happy in life. Make sure you do enough self reflection to understand your actual bucket list and the things that make you laugh, relax, and smile.
  4. Focus on self care. I cannot stress this enough. Self care isn’t just about facials and pampering for women. Self care is eating healthy, exercising, resting, and taking time for fun and relaxation.
  5. Take a self inventory regularly. Do you think you are entitled to things that you have no claim to? Do you put others before yourself and they let you down? Do you let small things make you angry? Are you rude to others? Make sure you understand when you are the problem so you can course correct.

Self care needs to include some good ol’ fashion fun! So, get to whatever makes that happen. If you don’t know, go back to tip number 3 above and do some meditation and reflection.